Congress Venue - The Circle Convention Center, Zurich

This year's congress will take place at The Circle Convention Center.

Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle
The Circle 41
8058 Zurich Airport

The Circle Convention Center is very well connected and accessible thanks to its prominent location directly adjacent to Zurich Airport.

How to get there

By plane: reachable within a few minutes' walk from the airport terminals. Follow the signs to "Circle" and access the Circle via the underground tunnel from the airport shopping area, which will take you directly to the Circle's main square. The Convention Center is directly adjacent to the park, follow the signs inside the Circle.

By train: from the Zurich Airport train station you can reach the Convention Center within a few minutes walk. Follow the signs "Circle" all the way up to the bus station and you will be directly in front of the main entrance of the Circle. Or use the underground tunnel that takes you from the airport shopping area directly to the Circle's main square. Straight ahead, adjacent to the park, is the Convention Centre.

By car:
Take the A51 motorway to the "Airport" exit and follow the left lane towards the "Circle" and "Hyatt Regency". The P4 car park is located directly below the Circle and offers direct access to the Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle, which is directly connected to the Convention Center by an internal entrance. The next car park is P3, where you can access the airport shopping area and follow the "Circle" signs from there.

For further information about the congress center, please refer to the following website: